What’s your digital strategy?

Do you know your visitors? Can you decipher your Analytics? Do you know your ranking keyphrases? If you answered anything other than a resounding “Yes!” then we can probably help you.

Website Audit

A comprehensive audit is the first step in any successful web project.
We will assess the strengths and weaknesses of your current site…so we can get rid of the weaknesses.
The website audit looks at the following areas:

User Experience

Is your site user friendly?

Professional Website Design
Relevant Headlines & Page Copy
Mobile Friendly
Consistent Branding
Ease of Navigation
Paths Toward Conversion
Relevant Use of Images & Video

User Experience Audit
Conversion Optimization
Performance & Security
SEO / Online Visibility

Keyphrase Research

Keyphrase research should be central to your website SEO plan and design and development of your site. Designed to increase traffic and convert visitors, your site is your greatest marketing tool. Keyphrase research helps align the content on your pages with the SEO topics that people are searching. 

SEO Keyword Research

Incorporating keyphrase research into our web design process allows us to:

  • Plan the pages for your site
  • Build a sitemap around key topics
  • Define the content topics for each page
  • Help you show up in more searches & attract more visitors
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