Landing Page Design


What is a landing page?

A landing page is a page specifically designed for one product or service and optimized for visitors to take a specific, immediate action (or conversion).

Why do I need a landing page?

Sometimes the homepage of your website is NOT the best place for a potential client to start. The homepage is typically like the “airport terminal” of your website, showing visitors signs to all the different gates. They should get the overall idea of what you do and all the services or types of products you offer.

But, when combined with any type of marketing campaign, you want to drive that traffic to a specific page where the content focuses only on the one offering that you pushed in the Facebook ad, Tweet, Instagram post or print ad. A good landing page design, combined with an excellent social media marketing campaign, will entice your visitors to take action right away!

What are the benefits of a landing page?

Qualified Leads
The visitor is likely to be a qualified lead because they took action on your ad and they want to learn more (plus the ad was probably targeted to them by using their traits & behaviors to ensure a good match).

Track Ad Success
We can track the success of the marketing campaign that was used to drive visitors to the landing page by measuring traffic to it.

Lower Bounce-Rate
The visitor finds exactly what they’re looking for instantly without having to navigate your homepage and menus.

SEO Rank
Creating a page focused on one service or product will naturally contain excellent, relevant keywords, which, in turn, helps you rank higher organically in search engine results (SEO).

Track Page Success
We can track the success of the copy, layout and design of the landing page by measuring the number of times the call to action was taken.

How do I know my landing page is working?

There are many elements that a good landing page design should have that have proven to be successful in your specific industry. We are always on top of these trends and start your landing page off on the best foot!

But we don’t stop there. The best landing pages are the ones that are tested and tweaked over time. We create A/B tests to continually test certain elements to ensure we are always getting the best results.

The two metrics we consider are:

  • 1 Traffic to your Landing Page
    this tells us if your ads and SEO are working
  • 2 Conversion Rate on your Landing Page
    this tells us if your landing page is doing it's job

What do I need to get started?

A WordPress Website
A landing page doesn’t have to be WordPress, but that’s what we like to work with. If you don’t have an existing WordPress site, we can help you set one up.

A Google Analytics Account
If you don’t already have this in place, we can help you set one up. They are free and give us all the tools necessary to track the success of your landing page.

An Enticing Offer
If you’re going to invest in an optimized landing page design, your offer should be great! We like working with clients who do amazing things and offer great value to their visitors!

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