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Turn leads into customers with touchpoints

You wouldn't propose marriage on the first date. The same is true in business. Building enough trust in your brand to buy takes more than just one "date." We call them touchpoints.

Depending on the product or service you offer, you may need several touchpoints with a potential lead before they become a customer.

What is a touchpoint?

Touchpoints are where customers interact with your brand, product or service over the course of their buyer journey. They could be website pages, blog posts, a free download, emails, social media posts, and more. Mapping these touchpoints helps design the right user experience to lead to the outcomes you want, like appointments, bookings and sales.

designers mapping customer journey

The Buyer's Journey

  • 1


    The buyer realizes they have a problem. They research to understand it better in order to define it.

  • 2


    They have defined their problem and they are now trying to understand the different potential solutions available to them.

  • 3


    They decide on a solution and research the products & services that provide it, ultimately making a purchase decision.

Instead of interruption-based messaging, we focus on the way buyers think, research and purchase. We empower your clients & customers to make the right decision for themselves

How Your Website Can Generate Leads

When you think of your website as a marketing machine instead of a pretty brochure, you can quickly see how including certain elements on your website can lead to more leads. With a deep understanding of your target market, and their problems and pain points, we can tailor their experience with your brand. Focused content and email sequences can educate, earn trust and lead to more informed decisions to work with your business.

address your customer's pain points

be a helpful resource

offer downloadable guides and checklists

share your helpful content on social media

collect emails for marketing campaigns

send weekly or monthly emails with events & specials

automate email sequences to nurture potential clients

share feedback from previous happy clients

Our Lead Generation Services

Optimized Content

Content designed to target the buyer's different intentions in each of the steps in their journey.

Nurture Campaigns

A series of emails designed to offer value and educate a prospect around your offering, ending with a call to action.

Email Marketing

Ongoing emails are still the best way to establish trust and share timely information, events and sales.

Lead Magnets

A free download in exchange for an email to build your email list and/or begin a nurture campaign.

Landing Pages

A special web page focused on a single product or service shared via your website, email marketing, social media posts or ads.

Sales Funnels

A combination of these tactics to move a prospect from awareness to decision, customized for your specific business.

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