Digital Marketing in Annapolis, MD

There are so many strategies used by digital marketing professionals to bring new leads into your business. They can be quite confusing and overwhelming at times. The first step is to have an excellent website in place that is optimized for conversion. After that, we have found that focusing on one or more of the following strategies will get the ball rolling.

Email Marketing

Lead Nurture Campaign

Collect emails of potential leads by offering a lead magnet

This approach works really well for websites that have a good bit of traffic already, but that traffic isn't generating the desired leads for the business. Once emails are collected, these leads can be nurtured via email marketing campaigns.

Landing and Sales Page Design

Landing Page Design

Drive traffic to a page with a specific call to action (to purchase or schedule a call)

Our optimized landing page design service will set your business up with a simple marketing funnel to bring qualified leads into your business, quickly. We use Facebook Ads and PPC to drive traffic to your landing page while tracking and reporting success every month.


Onsite SEO

Optimize your content and site structure to improve your organic search engine ranking

After performing an SEO Website Audit, we can understand what areas your website is performing well in, and what areas need improvement. We analyze your target keywords, page titles, meta descriptions and other technical aspects of your website's code to develop action items to improve your ranking.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Reach your ideal customers on social media

Once your conversion-focused website is in place, it's time to start driving the right customers to it. We create targeted Facebook and Instagram social media marketing campaigns to deliver the right message to the right customers at the right time.

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